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Welcome Letter

The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (NY-NJTC) welcomes you to New York and the inaugural in-person Appalachian Trail Vista program, better known as A.T. Vista 2022. The first mile of the Appalachian Trail was built in Bear Mountain-Harriman Park approximately one hundred years ago, and New York has been at the forefront of A.T. activity ever since.  

The A.T. Vista program is the follow-on program to the former ATC biennials. The general format extends over a four day long-weekend, and this year’s program is on August 5 through August 8 2022. Our venue for the program is the State University of New York at New Paltz, located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, itself a highly scenic location and home of dozens of hiking trails, touring opportunities, historic and artistic sites, and more.

Registration for A.T. Vista 2022 is accomplished online, using the registration link found in the website. But before you register, we recommend that you work out your plans using the website and/or the online program document to plan and build your schedule. Each event has a code, such as H0522, W0711, etc.—where the letter identifies the type of event (Hike, Workshop, Excursion, Concert, Reception), followed by the date as two digits, and the event number as the last two digits. Then access the registration system to sign up for the activities and build out your weekend.

Some people come to Vista mainly to hike, others to enjoy the workshops, excursions, and entertainment. Whatever your personal interests, we have something that will appeal to you. The three symbols at the top of the A.T. Vista logo stand for the main thrusts: hike, learn, and have fun. The 2022 program gives you many opportunities to do all three!

Note that Based on the COVID-19 situation at the time of the program, appropriate CDC, state, and local venue guidelines will be followed.

A.T. Vista 2022 co-Chairs
Marcia Fairweather
Steve Weissman
Ron Rosen