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Registration Hints

1. If you are planning to volunteer, you may wish to first arrange your volunteer position, prior to registering, as volunteers get a 15% discount on the registration fee. Once you have been confirmed as a volunteer, you will be given the discount code.

2. The registration system will NOT prevent you from registering for program items that overlap or conflict in timing. We strongly suggest you download and print a copy of the Personal Planner, and put all your choices on it, and review carefully prior to registering.

3. We do need people to volunteer for various positions, including hike leaders, excursion escorts, and on-site assistants. If you register before you elect to volunteer we will not be able to retroactively provide the discount.

4. When registering for hikes, please note that if a hike has low registration as we get close to the start of A.T. Vista, we may need to cancel some hikes. If you are registered for such a hike, we will inform you and suggest you register for another hike in the same time slot.

5. Most of the A.T. full-day hikes are VERY popular, and are likely to fill up fast.

6. For those who wish to sign up for as many A.T. hikes as possible, we strongly urge you to arrive on Thursday evening, and similarly stay overnight Monday. This schedule permits you to register for four all-day A.T. hikes. Dormitory access is available Thursday night, but note that we do not have any meals available on Thursday (nor on Tuesday).

7. If you plan to stay in the dorms, note that they are NOT air conditioned! Please bring your own fan. Similarly, we urge you to bring your own sleeping bag or bedding.